D. M. Roberts

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Quotes All good narratives contain four important elements: memorable characters, intense conflicts, meaningful relationships and exciting plots. D.M.Roberts' first novel,"Letting Go and Holding On" has all of these elements and more! Roberts weaves these important elements around a timely, if frightening, reality: Teenage suicide and mass murder. As maudlin as this topic is, Roberts' characters, young and old display a variety of inner demons that drive them to a wide variety of actions. Why some of these actions lead to deadly consequences while others lead to growth and fulfillment is the central theme of her story. Chapter after chapter builds excitement and suspense. "Letting Go and Holding On" exemplifies the thought-provoking axiom (spoken by one of the characters in the story) "Let our lives be pure as snowfields where our steps leave a mark but no stain." Roberts' amazing and insightful first novel does just that! Quotes
I. Pierce
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Quotes I readily admit I judge books by their covers. So when I saw the cover art for "Letting Go and Holding On," I was immediately intrigued. Who can pass by a Rorschach-esque image without taking pause? So I downloaded it, and quite possibly developed Kindle-Thumb from turning the pages so rapidly. I'm a sucker for complex characters, and the author's in-depth research of adolescent psychology lends itself perfectly to that kind of rich development. Roberts flits between characters' inner monologues, familial interactions, analyses of current events, and slowly but deftly intertwines them, until the end result sucker-punches the reader. A book that at educates, entertains, and forces us to more closely examine the world around us, D.M. Roberts' freshman effort is definitely worth picking up. Quotes
Siobhan Allen
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Quotes In "Letting Go And Holding On," the author brings to the readers' attention the crisis of teen violence, specifically suicide shootings--those who carry out a shooting of others and then turn the gun on oneself. One has to ask why some teens aren't able to cope with their stresses while others are. Why one turns to violence while another finds a safe outlet for their steam. Was it always this way and the public wasn't as aware of it? As there doesn't seem to be any one thing specifically to put the blame on, the author brings to light her revelations of suicide shooters as she cleverly has her character Deidre, the newspaper columnist, after much research, write in her article toward the end of the story. I appreciated this heavy subject matter being dealt with fictionally through the characters while not overwhelming the reader with massive chunks of statistics. Yes, there are statistics within however it's considerately handled mostly through dialogue. Quotes
In My Opinion
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Quotes This book was a very interesting read from beginning to end. I really could have read the entire book in one sitting if time allowed me to. Very interesting characters and believable.This book pulled me in and made me really feel the characters feelings. I really would recommend this book even to the teenagers as well as adults. Quotes
Linda Swogger
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